Beer Review: Epic Awakening Pils


This is a  hoppy pilsner from Epic. First off this pilsner has a nice tropical nose, with perhaps hints of pineapple or melon. The flavor is crisp and lightly hopped, giving it a nice flavor that is somewhat unexpected given that a tropical nose usually isn’t followed in this way. The finish is fleeting, leaving you briefly with a hop taste. Easy to drink, and will be perfect for a summers afternoon.

The interesting part of this beer is that it doesn’t quite fit the label of pilsner, but neither does it fit as an IPA. Rather, it fits somewhere in between these two. The name “Awakening” is appropriate as Epic have done something different with a pilsner, which hopefully will catch on.

Once again Epic have created a label which is full of pop-culture references, as well as other cool effects. The “Epic” has a glitter finish which is a nice touch as well. The symbol of the Rebel Alliance is on the side, and it is obvious what the name of the beer refers to. There is also a Lego mini-figure head on the side, and the bright yellow label alludes to the Lego connection as well. It may be all made up, but the brightness of this beer makes everything to do with this beer awesome.

Who: Epic Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Pilsner

Nose: Tropical

Look: Clear golden

Taste: Crisp hops

Finish: Light and hoppy

Form Tried: 500ml Bottle

Official page


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