Beer Review: Matt Lang Memorial IPA (2015)


This beer is the second made in memory of Matt Lang, a member of the Tuatara team who passed away from Cardiac Inherited Disease (CID) in 2013. All profits from the sale of this one go towards supporting people with CID and Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome. You can find out more about what Tuatara is doing via the official website link below.

This beer has a sweet nose with traces of rose. The sweetness hides a very rich hoppy taste that leaves a great aftertaste. Lovely cold, but not bad a bit warmer too. It leaves a nice warm feeling afterwards which would suit a Christmas dinner very well. A good beer for a good cause.

Who: Tuatara, New Zealand

What: American IPA

Nose: Sweet hops, rose

Look: Slighty opaque gold

Taste: Rich bitter hops

Finish: Bitter hops, dry

Form Tried: 1L growler

Official Page


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