Beer Review: Sawmill Christmas Dubbel


This Christmas Dubbel from Sawmill is a typical Belgian style with rich flavors. The one I am drinking is from this year so it isn’t too strong, although I do have one put aside to try after another year of ageing.

The nose is lovely sweet fruits with a hint of raisins in there. The taste is distinctly Belgian Dubbel being thick and rich, but smooth at the same time. The finish is a almost dry fruity taste. As the label suggests this beer is pretty much like drinking a Christmas fruitcake and goes well with some Christmas mince pies. A perfect offering for the Christmas season, hopefully they do it again next year.

Who: The Sawmill Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Dubbel

Nose: Sweet fruits, rasins

Look: Cloudy brown, hazel through light

Taste: Dry fruits

Finish: Rich dry fruits

Form Tried: 500ml Bottle

Official Page



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