Beer Review: Epic 10 Years 1000 Celebration Ale

IMG_9991_cropThis beer is to celebrate the 10th Year anniversary of Epic, and the 1000th batch brewed by the Steam Brewing Company.

The taste is complex as may be expected from a barleywine. The nose is sweet fruity malts. The taste up front is boozy and sweet, but gives way to notes of fruits such as orange peel, with a peaty note in the background. I could probably try this beer ten times and find ten different ways to describe the multitude of flavors that emerge from it. The finish is quite smooth with a subtle lingering peat flavor.

As usual Epic have gone to a lot of effort the bottle design. It was a little difficult to get undone, but well worth it once it was. I may or may not have cut my hand doing so, still worth it.

This is a perfect beer to ring in the New Year with, Happy New Year everyone!

Who: Epic Brewing Company, New ZealandIMG_9988_crop

What: Barleywine

Nose: Sweet

Look: Dark Amber

Taste: Sweet malts, orange peel, peat

Finish: Smooth with a lingering bitterness, peaty

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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