Cider Review: Moa Kiwifruit Cider

DSCN7776_cropThis Moa Cider takes on the iconic fruit of New Zealand to make something which is a bit different as far as ciders go. Infused with apples and kiwifruit, you could be forgiven for initially thinking it was another apple cider. When tasted however, this cider gives way to a slightly tart taste which is brought on by the kiwifruit. The cider finishes the same way, but with a slight sweetness of apple which leaves a fleeting pleasant flavor.

Something a bit different for an after dinner drink. The 750ml bottle means you can share it between a few people for a refreshing drink on a humid evening.

Who: Moa Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Cider

Nose: Sweet apple

Look: Clear yellow

Taste: Tart kiwifruit, sweet apple

Finish: Tart kiwifruit, sweet apple

Form Tried: 750ml bottle

Official page


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