Beer Review: Hallertau Minimus Breakfast IPA

DSCN7784_cropWhile some breakfast beers are fruity and light by nature, this one is a true IPA that leaves the fruit behind. The nose is hoppy which hides the subtle malt flavors that are in the body of the beer. The body is not thick at all and the flavor is light, which leads to a fleeting but satisfying aftertaste.

In New Zealand there is still some stigma around the concept of a breakfast beer, but with a few recent releases we may be seeing a change in this conception with any luck. This beer is low alcohol so don’t worry about getting too out of it early in the day. Perfect with a hearty cooked breakfast or brunch on a hot summers day.

This beer was also released with an appropriately themed label for the Rugby World Cup 2015 (pictured below).

Who: Hallertau Brewery, New DSCN7782_cropZealand

What: IPA

Nose: Light hops

Look: Golden clear

Taste: Light hops and malt

Finish: Fleeting light hops

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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