Beer Review: Kererū Karengose Salty Seaweed Ale


This take on a Gose is infused an edible seaweed called Karengo from New Zealand. Served ice cold from a fridge this beer could be mistaken for a lager. However, let it get a bit warmer to lose that chill and the flavors of this beer come out. The nose is sour with notes of wheat and fruit as you would expect from a wheat beer and the taste largely mimics this. What can be noticed subtly in the flavor and more prominent in the aftertaste is the salty flavoring that is part of the Gose Style, as it is brewed with salted water.

Being unfiltered this beer has a bit of sediment in it which gives it a decent cloudy look. Fans of wheat beers should give this a go, along with anyone who is out to try something a bit different, there is a range of different flavors to explore here that should offer something for everyone. Again though, I really would advise letting this beer warm up a bit first as is advised on the beer’s webpage (around 8-10°C), just so it can be enjoyed as it deserves.

Who: Kererū Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Gose

Nose: Sour, fruit, wheat

Look: Cloudy yellow

Taste: Sour, fruity, wheat

Finish: Slightly sour and salty

Form Tried: 330ml bottle

Official page



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