Beer Review: Sprig & Fern I.P.A.


This is a great multi-award winning IPA from the Sprig and Fern Brewery out of Nelson, New Zealand. The head of this beer is thick with a nose that is a pleasant malty hop, as is to be expected from an IPA. What stands out in the taste of this beer is the hops, bitter hops that make an IPA and IPA. While prevalent, the bitterness is not a sharp flavor but more smooth one that makes the beer a pleasant and easy drinking experience. In the aftertaste however the malts come through a leave a creamy hop flavor to enjoy. Great easy drinking and the large bottle size leaves enough to share.

Who: The Sprig & Fern Brewery, New Zealand

What: IPA

Nose: Malts and hops

Look: Clear amber

Taste: Smooth hops

Finish: Smooth malts and hops

Form Tried: 1.3L bottle

Official Page


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