Beer Review: Tuatara Belgian Ardennes


Somehow every time Tuatara do a beer in a classic style, they get it in one, particularly with Belgian styles. This is a great take on a classic Belgian blonde. The nose is distinctly malty, but that hides a flavor of sharp spices and citrus. Notes of orange are probably the closest that come to mind. A malt flavor, while prominent on the nose, is absent from the taste. To finish this beer leaves bitter citrus and spices in the mouth.

Having said all that, this beer , while a great take on it, is quite gentle for the style. The flavors won’t overwhelm, making it a good introduction to blonde beers. A great beer in its own right, but I think that some of the other Belgian styles that Tuatara do such as the Dubbel and Tripel are better.

Who: Tuatara, New Zealand

What: Blonde

Nose: Malts

Look: Golden clear

Taste: Sharp spices, citrus

Finish: Bitter citrus, spices

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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