Beer Review: Golden Eagle Brewing Big Yank American IPA


This American IPA (APA) from Golden Eagle Brewing is a complex mix of flavors for the style. The flavors don’t stand out too much but are there if you pay attention. The nose, taste, and finish are all different from each other which means it keeps you guessing. The nose has notes of hops but with a strong influence of citrus and tropical fruits. These smells subside in the taste to bring forth a strong hop flavor. To finish up the beer leaves a complex peppery mix of bitter hops and malts. Nothing overwhelming, but rather a good pallet of flavors to tide your taste-buds over. A refreshing take on the American IPA.

Who: Golden Eagle Brewing, New Zealand

What: IPA

Nose: Hops, citrus, tropical fruits

Look: Cloudy golden amber

Taste: Hops, subtle tropical fruits

Finish: Bitter hops, pepper, malts

Form Tried: 500ml bottle


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