Beer Review: Mac’s Three Wolves


One of the first “craft beer” brewers in New Zealand, Mac’s did help set the stage for the glorious beer-filled world we now live in. Now it is a subsidiary of Lion, which begs the question if Mac’s can still be considered a “craft beer”. Having said that there is no hard and fast definition of “craft beer”, although it does imply small scale production… it doesn’t really matter, it still tastes good. Anyway on to the beer.

The beer is an easy drinking pale ale, the flavors are pretty straightforward. The nose is very light and hoppy, and the taste is largely the same but with subtle tropical notes. The finish is light bitter hops. Clean and simple. Perfect ice cold on a hot humid day. Thanks El Niño.

There are better pale ales out there, but having said that, for the price and ease of this beer you could do a lot worse.

Who: Mac’s Craft Beers, subsidiary of Lion, New Zealand

What: Pale Ale

Nose: Light hops

Look: Clear gold

Taste: Tropical, hops

Finish: Light bitter hops

Form Tried: 330ml bottle

Official page


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