Beer Review: Garage Project Trip-Hop

IMG_0042_crop.jpgThe tagline for this beer is “easy drinking for resin heads”, and that pretty much sums it up. This beer has a great combination of hops in it, but it is all overplayed by the strong mastic flavors that are throughout it. The nose is hoppy but with a strong mastic smell to it. The taste is beautifully thick and mimics this being somewhat hoppy with that mastic really coming through. To finish the taste stays the same, it goes down smooth and those hops leave a nice slightly bitter taste. This beer reminds me alot of the Crazy Donkey IPA, which is a good thing.

Garage Project classify this as a pale ale, but I would be inclined to call it an IPA, then again it isn’t fruity. It’s somewhere in there, pale ale is probably the best place for it as a general term. It doesn’t really matter, the beer still tastes great.

The bottle has another cool design on it, like Epic, Garage Project put in a lot of effort to make sure each bottle has its own individual style.

What: Pale Ale

Nose: Hops, mastic

Look: Clear amber

Taste: Hops, mastic

Finish: Smooth, bitter hops, mastic

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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