Beer Review: Monteith’s Double Hopped IPA


This is from the Monteith’s brewer’s series, which is brewed out of their Greymouth brewery. A standard IPA there isn’t much more to the flavor except hops, all of the hops, as you would expect from a double IPA. The nose is hops, the taste is thick with hops, and the finish is strong bitter hops. Simple as that. There is a small hint of fruit on the nose and finish, but you really have to be looking to notice them. With the main body of the beer there is a slightly malty taste which gives the hops their thick texture.

As far as easy drinking beers go, this IPA is pretty easy drinking. Being only 65 IBU the hops won’t overwhelm, but at the same time the taste is thick and filling. Great cold on a muggy afternoon.

Who: Monteith’s Brewing Company, subsidiary of DB Breweries, New Zealand

What: IPA

Nose: Hops, very subtle fruits

Look: Clear dark gold

Taste: Thick matly hops

Finish: Strong bitter hops, very subtle fruits

Form Tried: 500ml

Official page


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