Beer Review: Tripel Karmeliet


First brewed in 1996, the Tripel Karmeliet is brewed to a recipe from 1679 from the beer’s namesake, the Carmeliet monastery in Dendermonde. The recipe includes three grains: wheat, oats, and barley. Which give it a complex distinctive taste.

The nose of this beer is fruity with that distinctive taste that only Belgian wheats can bring. The taste is again those wheats with subtle notes of fruits. It finishes with the same and a note of grains, although of what kind I couldn’t pick. The head of the beer is very full and creamy.

A really nice Belgian Tripel. I’ve been looking forward to trying it for awhile but various stock issues and broken bottles and shipments have always gotten in my way. How I have tried it I would have to say that it is not my absolute favorite of that style, but pretty good none the less – I would pick it up again if the chance arises.

Who: Brouweij Bosteels, Belgium

What: Triple

Nose: Fruit, Belgian wheats 

Look: Cloudy light golden

Taste: Belgian wheat, subtle fruits

Finish: Light Belgian wheats, grains

Form Tried: 330ml bottle

Official page


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