Beer Review: Garage Project Cookies & Cream Ale

IMG_0058_crop.jpgA beer made by Garage Project together with the Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar, this beer was primarily given out to those who helped fund the Moustache Milk and Cookies Bar bus which was launched today. For those of you who don’t live in Auckland, the Mosutache Milk and Cookie Bar makes excellent cookies and milkshakes which are pretty damn awesome. Unfortunately they have had to close their store but instead haves started up a bus so they can take their awesomeness on the road. Speaking of awesomeness, this beer is pretty damn awesome.

Being a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, this beer drinks very much like a Belgian Brune, but is a bit more thick. The nose is sweet and malty. The head on it is thick and creamy, which is very fitting giving the name of the beer. The taste is very smooth with those sweet malts from the nose giving the beer a rich deep taste. The finish is once again rich, smooth, and malty, but with subtle notes of spice.

A cookie was also created for the release of the beer (pictured below) which used the beer in the glaze on top, that was pretty awesome.

There were only 150 of this limited run beer, but it is in kegs around the place. With any luck we may see the beer or the cookie one day again. In the meantime, if you are in Auckland make sure to check out Moustache, and if not, keep an eye out for them in your town!

Who: Garage Project in collaboration with Moustache Milk & Cookie bar, New Zealand

What: Belgian Strong Dark Ale20150918_183726_crop.jpg

Nose: Sweet malts

Look: Clear dark brown, deep amber through light

Taste: Smooth, Belgian yeast, rich sweet malts

Finish: Smooth rich malts, subtle spices

Form tried: 500ml bottle

Official page



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