Beer Review: Einstök Ölgerð Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale


The good old pale ale. Everyone has their own take on it. Now Einstök Ölgerð has given the I in IPA a new meaning with their Icelandic Pale Ale. I have always bee somewhat obsessed with Iceland, but have never beer able to get there, yet. So for me trying a beer from there is a real treat.

This Pale Ale is something a bit different. The nose is slightly sour with fruity notes, and slight malts as the beer warms. The taste is thick and malty but with hops giving it a nice bitterness. The finish is somewhat fleeting, but thick with a note of hops and the bitterness they bring. It is a decent take on the pale ale. I would like to try others in the Einstök Ölgerð, maybe even on a trip to the brewery one day.

Who: Einstök Beer Company, Iceland

What: Pale ale

Nose: Sour fruits, malt

Look: Cloudy gold

Taste: Malty hops

Finish: Thick, note of bitter hops

Form tried: 330ml bottle

Official page


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