Beer Review: Samuel Adams White Christmas


Now I know what you are thinking, that I have missed Christmas two months here. I had this brought back from the States for me and it was in the fridge, just because it is a seasonal beer doesn’t mean that it can’t be enjoyed at another time of the year. Also the expiry date on it was coming up and it wouldn’t have lasted even until a mid-winter Christmas.

This wheat beer takes my least favorite seasoning and replaces it with my favorite. Instead of coriander which is usually included, the White Christmas has cinnamon instead. Not that I could ever taste the coriander in wheat beers and they are still one of my favorite styles, but knowing that that Satan spawn isn’t there makes me feel better. Interestingly, the dislike of coriander is genetic for some people, as a study in Nature showed. Anyway, back to the beer.

The nose is subtle fruits and spices, notably cinnamon, which is awesome. The fruits give way in the taste and the finish, having a cloudy crisp cinnamon taste in a way that only a wheat beer can deliver. Nutmeg and orange peel are meant to be somewhere in there too, but if they were for me they were overpowered by the cinnamon. Obviously these flavors are not as strong Christmas beers in other styles such as the Sawmill Christmas Dubbel or the incredibly strong To Øl Yule Mælk, but perhaps more suited to the summer Christmas of the southern hemisphere.

This was a really nice change for the style. The highlight is obviously the replacement of coriander with cinnamon. For that reason alone this been rates highly for me.

Who: Samuel Adams (Boston Beer Company), USA

What: Witbier

Nose: Fruits and spices, cinnamon

Look: Cloudy light gold

Taste: Crisp spices, cinnamon

Finish: Spices, cinnamon

Form Tried: 330ml

Official page


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