Beer Review: Hot Water Brewing Co. Golden Steamer Ale

IMG_0107_crop.jpgYou have to appreciate the concept of canned beer. As it says on the can for this beer, it stops the light, is lightweight, doesn’t break, and chills faster. Having said this, there is still a bit of a stigma towards them in some circles for whatever reason, but they are enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years. When you have to carry a bunch of beer with you somewhere, lighter packaging means more weight for beer, you have to appreciate at least that part of it.

I drive past Hot Water Brewing Company on the way to some fieldwork a few times a year and had seem them appearing in some stores in Auckland. On the way back from a recent trip I stopped in for about the two minutes I could to grab some of their beers to try. If you are ever passing Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel, I would highly recommend stopping for a beer and a bite, they have a great setup there.

The beer has a nice refreshing taste and is pretty easy drinking. The nose is light and fruity with hints of malt, which carries on to the taste with the addition of some gentle bitter hops. The head is nice and foamy and doesn’t dissipate too quickly. The hops stay for the finish leaving a pleasant bitter taste in the mouth. As far as golden ales go, this is fairly decent. As is the case with most golden ales, nothing will overpower you in the taste, but having said that with this one you won’t be wanting for a nice flavor. A perfect easy drinking beer.

Who: Hot Water Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Golden Ale

Nose: Light fruits, malt

Look: Clear light gold

Taste: Light fruits, bitter hops

Finish: Crisp hops

Form Tried: 355ml can

Official page


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