Beer Review: Epic Epicurean Fig & Coffee 2015

IMG_0109_cropWhen you see an Imperial Oatmeal Stout called Coffee and Fig it does create expectations in your mind. This is my first foray into the Epicurean series from Epic, and I have to say that it meets expectations. The flavors are strong and complex, but at the same time feel like a natural combination of ingredients as opposed to the addition of flavored syrups to the beer. On that note, the beer uses actual figs and a combination of different coffee beans, which you can tell.

The nose is very rich and not unlike that of a dark coffee. The taste is thin in texture, but holds a fruit and coffee infused malt flavor, which is unsurprising as this beer has eight different types of malts in it. The finish is thick and lasting, being mainly of bitter malts but with lingering notes of coffee.

As my Dad owns a coffee machine company, I got this as a gift for him and he was nice enough to gift a small amount back. I liked this beer, I am drinking it in the wrong atmosphere, as it would be more suited to a cold evening rather than a muggy one, but I digress. It has made me curious about the previous editions of this beer, and for what will come in future batches. Well worth a try with a few mates if you have the chance.

Who: Epic Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Nose: Coffee, malts

Look: Clear black

Taste: Thin, coffee, fig, malts

Finish: Thick, bitter malts

Form Tried: 750ml bottle

Official page


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