Beer Review: The Brown Beer Co. Pilsner

IMG_0121_cropThis beer is from the Brown Beer Company which brews under Kaiser Brothers Brewery in Christchurch. Kaiser Brothers Brewery has been around for a few years, but recently their beers seem to be hitting the Auckland stores more frequently.

The bottle design between their beers stays roughly the same with the exception of the bear, which will change depending on the brew. I like the subtle nature of it, not too flashy while being unique at the same time.

As far as pilsners go this isn’t too bad, but it isn’t anything which will surprise you either. The nose is lightly hopped, which leads to the taste of hops with citrus and grapefruit notes. The citrus is a nice touch and is easily accessible as a flavor, which is a change as sometimes it can be quite subtle or masked by other flavors. The finish is bitter hops which leaves a pleasant but fleeting taste in the mouth.

This beer is pretty easy drinking and worth a try. I wasn’t taken back by it, but I’m keen to try others in the range.

Who: The Brown Beer Company brewed by Kaiser Brothers Brewery, New Zealand

What: Pilsner

Nose: Hops

Look: Clear gold

Taste: Bitter hops, citrus, grapefruit

Finish: Bitter hops

Form Tried: 500ml bottle


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