Beer Review: Garage Project Venusian Pale Ale

IMG_0134_cropThis beer claims to be bottled on Venus as part of His Majesty’s Colonial Brewing Corp, and the flavors certainly are out of this world (see what I did there?). Set in the world of Weta’s Dr Grordbort’s steampunk colonial invasion of Venus, this beer from the start has a different feel to it. The label is styled from Dr Grordbort’s world with the distinctive artwork produced for it.

This is a very nice beer. The nose is slightly sweet, smelling strong of mastic and floral notes. The taste mimics this bringing out rose flavors, a almost smoky incense taste, and the unmistakable flavor of Turkish delight. The finish is bitter sweet  but with an aftertaste of Turkish delight. While this description may make you think this is basically a sugary sweet beer, it really isn’t. Sweet may be the wrong word to describe the flavors, but they very well balanced and flavors do not overwhelm each other. It must be the kaffir lime leaves, Venusian Spear Fungus, and funny green stuff on rocks that gives it this unique taste.

All up the beer is something a bit different, from the packaging to the finish. The label would have you off into a science fiction steampunk world, and the flavors help secure this illusion. However like all illusions this one does unfortunately end and is not the easiest beer on Venus or this world to keep stocked in the fridge, but if you ever do cross it on your travels, I do recommend that you destroy it immediately sip by sip.

Who: Garage Project, New Zealand

What: Pale ale

Nose: Mastic, floral, sweet

Look:  Clear gold

Taste: Floral, rose, Turkish delight, sweet, incense

Finish: Bitter sweet floral Turkish delight

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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