Beer Review: Guinness Draught


The old reliable Guinness, what else could I post on St. Patrick’s day? Well quite a few things but seeing as this is the first St. Patrick’s day that I have been doing this it would be wrong for me not to do this iconic beer. Arguably this is one of the most well-known beers in the world, and as far as stouts go this is pretty much a case study for the style.

The first thing to note when you see a Guinness is the head, thick and creamy. From this head comes the thick and rich flavors of malts and hints of coffee, just like a good stout should. The taste is rich and creamy, with a obvious taste of bitter malts, and hints of coffee in the background. It is only 4.2% which means that although the flavors are rich, the texture of the beer is quite light when compared to other stronger stouts. Having said that, a few glasses of this will fill you up as much as a hearty meal. The finish bitter and dry, with the distinctive taste of malt once again.

It is hard not to like a Guinness, especially on St. Patrick’s day. The flavor is rich and it is a filling beer. I always remember the quote about it from Stargate SG-1 where O’Neill says “I hope you like Guinness sir. I find it a refreshing substitute for… food”. That pretty much sums it up, this is a good flavorsome hearty beer, rich in taste with an iconic brand which will leave you hard pressed to find someone in the world who doesn’t know it if you cared to look. With that in mind happy St. Patrick’s Day! Sláinte!

Who: Guinness, subsidiary of Diageo, Ireland

What: Stout

Nose: Creamy malts

Look: Black, amber through light

Taste: Rich creamy malts, coffee, slightly bitter

Finish: Bitter, dry, malts

Form Tried: 330ml bottle

Official page


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