Beer Review: Alken-Maes Judas


When you have a Belgian beer you expect a few things, a higher alcohol content, strong flavors but still with that distinctive Belgian taste, and a kick-ass glass to go with it. This beer delivers on all three, but unfortunately I don’t have the glass to go with it (yes I know that is a bit of a let down). I couldn’t tell you why Judas is called Judas, it may be something to do with the fact it betrays other Belgian blonde beers with its strong taste, but I have no real idea. I would be interested to find out though.

Throughout this beer is the distinctive Belgian barley flavor that is distinctive to beers from the region. The flavor is thick and in it there is a strong presence of the alcohol content, which brings out the other flavors. Mainly that of the Belgian taste, which is enhanced compared to a normal blonde beer. There are some subtle hop notes in there, but are hard to pick out. The finish is quite sweet as you would expect from a higher alcohol beer, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. In addition to this, there is a very slightly bitter note at the end which is those hops coming through.

To me this is a decent beer. I am not a huge fan of Belgian blonde beers as I can find them to be a bit weak, but this one has that extra kick which brings out the flavors. As far as Belgian blondes go this would be one of my favorites of that style.

Who: Alken-Maes, subsisdiary of the Heineken Company, Belgium

What: Strong blonde

Nose: Barley

Look: Clear light gold

Taste: Belgian barley,subtle hops

Finish: Sweet barley, small bitter note

Form Tried: 330ml bottle

Official page


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