Beer Review: Brothers Beer Brothers Breezy Collaboration – Tropical

20160306_183456_cropRecently I went to the Blue Breeze Inn and remembered hearing of a collaboration beer they did with Brothers Beer which you could only get there. What else was I going to order in that case? Untapped had informed me that it was a wheat beer but when I got there I was informed that it was a tropical style beer at this stage, maybe they change it up once in a while? I had tried the Brothers Tropical a few months ago at Brothers Beer and wasn’t quite sold on it, but I thought I would give it another go anyway. I am glad I did because this version of it kicked the earlier versions ass. The flavors came through and all in all it was a decent beer for the style.

Now golden ales can be quite weak and watery, so I didn’t go into this with super high expectations, especially given my previous experience with it. As I mentioned above, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. The texture is weak as golden ales are, but the flavors were relatively strong for the style. The nose has tropical and pineapple notes. These carry through to the taste with the slightly bitter notes that hops bring. There isn’t much taste in the finish, but it does leave a refreshing slightly bitter taste.

I had this cold on a hot afternoon and it was just perfect for that weather. The tropical flavor compliments the theme of the Blue Breeze Inn wonderfully and goes well with their food. On its own this beer would be ok, but it is so much better in this context. If you are in the neighborhood it is worth stopping in.

Who: Brothers Beer with The Blue Breeze Inn, New Zealand20160306_182559_crop_sharp.jpg

What: Golden ale

Nose: Tropical, pineapple

Look: Slightly cloudy light gold

Taste: Slightly bitter, tropical, pineapple

Finish: Light, slightly bitter

Form Tried: 330ml glass

Official page


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