Beer Review: Epic One Trick Pony Brooklyn

IMG_0127_cropThis is the latest beer in Epic’s “One Trick Pony”, where they use a single hop in a beer. This is a great idea as it really showcases the flavors that a single hop variety can have, without them being overpowered or cancelled out by other hop types. This years hop is the New Zealand bred Brooklyn.

This is clearly an IPA, you get that from the first whiff of it, deep strong hops. Obviously this carries through the taste and the finish. The surprise, although not an unexpected one, is the subtle flavors that really stand out, which is the point of a single hopped beer. For the first time I was actually able to taste the pine in hops with certainty. The taste also has fruits and citrus notes. The finish was a sweet hop finish, not too sweet but that lightly bitter-sweet that only hops can bring, there was also a distinctive note of pineapple there.

I really enjoyed this single hopped beer, it was nice and refreshing as an IPA should be, but with all those flavors which can sometimes get lost really coming to the front. Sadly this is a seasonal beer from Epic, but hopefully we will see the Brooklyn variety feature in more of their beers.

Who: Epic Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: IPA

Nose: Strong hops

Look: Dark gold/brown

Taste:  Fruity, pine, citrus, hops

Finish: Sweet bitter hops, pineapple

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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