Cider Review: Good George Black Doris Plum Cider


I always like to try a cider which claims the taste of something other than apple or pear. This usually includes ciders of a single flavoring, as opposed to mixed flavor ciders. It is for this reason that Good George’s Black Doris Plum cider caught my attention.

The nose is sweet as would be expected, and the dark rose look of it also gives the impression of this. The taste is sweet but also balanced with a tartness. The plum flavor is there in a subtle way, but the major flavor is apple. The aftertaste is fleeting and sweet, but without any noticeable flavors.

This cider tastes like an apple cider with hints of plum. Personally I would have liked to taste a bit more of the plum as opposed to the apple, but this is often the way with ciders of non-apple or pear flavoring, as was the case with Moa’s Kiwifruit Cider. Having said that the plum flavor is there is some way. I enjoyed this with dessert after some stronger beers with dinner, and there it worked well.

Who: Good George Brewing

What: Cider

Nose: Sweet fruits

Look: Dark rose/apricot 

Taste: Sweet and tart balanced, apple, plum

Finish: Sweet, fleeting

Form Tried: 330ml can

Official page


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