Beer Review: Deep Creek Watermelon Gose

20160322_175711_cropOften you see these beers which claim to be the flavor of a certain fruit or something and often don’t even have a hint of it in them. With this in mind I tried the Deep Creek Watermelon Gose, thinking it would be a bit sour but with a facade of some watermelon flavor. I was wrong and pleasantly surprised by this beer.

The nose is sour as you would expect, with nothing else going on that I could pick up, so I wasn’t off to an unpredictable start with this one. The taste on the other hand, while predictably sour, had the taste of watermelon, not notes, but rather the distinctive taste of watermelon. This came as quite a shock as I was prepared for a sour beer with nothing else, and so I was not quite sure what to make of it. The aftertaste is sour, but with a bit of sweetness too. The watermelon flavor is absent from the aftertaste but I suspect that sweetness is it trying to come through.

As you can probably tell from this review, I was pleasantly surprised by this beer. Obviously it is a specialist flavor and with a name like Watermelon Gose you know what you are getting into, but having said that even with the expectation (or not as in my case) of a watermelon flavor, this beer delivers it in a big way.

Who: Deep Creek Brewing Co., New Zealand

What: Sour ale

Nose: Sour yeast

Look: Cloudy light yellow

Taste: Sour watermelon

Finish: Sour, sweet

Form Tried: 330ml glass from tap

Official page



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