Beer Review: Brothers Summer Session

20160322_173135_cropSummer looks like it has finally past, which doesn’t really bother me as I am office-bound at this time of year. I found the time for an outing to Brothers Beer to have a taste of their (at this stage) tap-only beers. Their Summer Session ale was on tap this time which I had not yet tried, and I figured it was now or never considering summer is done and dusted.

This pale ale is almost in the lambic style, being quite sour throughout. The nose is distinctively sour somewhat like a lambic, but not as strong as those true to the style. The taste is sour again, with a citrus flavor and notes of grapefuit, which continues through to the finish. Overall the body of the beer is light, but it has quite a strong flavor despite this.

Summer specialty beers can be hit-and-miss, often trying to be too fruity and light like a specialist lager. This one comes across with a bit more flavor and the sour notes compliment the citrus notes in the beer. These flavors also come out on the cold beer, which can be unusual in lighter body beers. A nice balance of flavors for a summer session beer, the sour notes make it worth it. Refreshing without being weak on taste.

Who: Brothers Brewery, New Zealand

What: Pale ale

Nose: Sour yeast

Look: Light yellow, cloudy

Taste: Citrus, sour, grapefruit

Finish: Citrus, sour, grapefruit

Form Tried: 330ml glass from tap

Official page


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