Beer Review: Anchor BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red

IMG_0243_cropI saw this beer and thought it sounded appealing mainly because it had maple syrup in it, who wouldn’t like that? It has been sitting in the fridge for awhile now but with autumn here I thought it was time to give it a go.

The nose on this beer is really subtle and hard to pick, if I had to settle on anything it would be sweet malts, but only very subtly. The taste is malty and slightly sweet, with the unmistakable taste of maple in there. The finish continues these flavors being slightly sweet, maple, and malts, but also with a almost buttery texture which brings it home in my opinion.

I keep being surprised by these beers that taste exactly as they advertise, which is ok by me as more than a few don’t live up to their promises. This is one that lives up to its promises. A maple syrup infused beer has the potential to be very sweet, but this one balances out the flavors well and doesn’t overwhelm in any which way. The taste is still very much that of a red ale, but the addition of the maple gives it that extra level. Very good, I will have to keep an eye out for it again.

Who: Anchor Brewing Company, USA

What: Red Ale

Nose: Sweet malts

Look: Cloudy amber

Taste: Maple, malts, slightly sweet

Finish: Sweet, maple, buttery, malts

Form Tried: 350ml bottle

Official page



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