Beer Review: Hallertau Luxe Kölsch


I have yet to review a non-collaboration Hallertau brew, so I thought it was best to start at the beginning. This is the first of Hallertau’s “first four” flagship range. Also known as Hallertau Luxe, the #1 has kept its identifier used on it from when it was first brewed.

The nose is sour as is to be expected, with a note of tropical fruits, although I couldn’t tell you what exactly. The nose is the same as the taste being nice and sour but with fruits to balance it out. The finish fleeting, light and slightly fruity, but also a bit dry and bitter as well. When I say bitter, it isn’t that bitter only being 23 IBU, but it is still there in the background. A nice combination of flavors that compliment each other well.

Being a kölsch this beer is predictably sour, but with the balance of fruits and also the lightness of it, it makes it a decent easy drinking beer. Best cold, but the flavors come out more when it gets a little bit warmer. Worth a go as an introduction to the style, or if you are already a fan, a decent kölsch to keep on hand.

Who: Hallertau Brewery, New Zealand

What: Kölsch

Nose: Sour fruits

Look: Clear light gold

Taste: Sour fruits

Finish: Light and slightly bitter

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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