Beer Review: Tuatara Aotearoa Pale Ale


Good  ol’ Tuatara, every time they set out to do something they do it well. This beer has been out for awhile, and is personally one of my favorite easy-drinking beers.

There are a few different layers to this beer. The nose has notes of fruits, with the addition of hops and a bit of malt as well. The taste is slightly bitter with notes of citrus, and it finishes with a light bitter taste. A good combination of flavors that compliment each other without overwhelming the drinker.

This is one of my go-to beers when it comes to taking a box around to someones house, with the gentle mix of flavors it appeals to everyone. If someone doesn’t like (or at least appreciate) this beer when you give them one, then they probably aren’t the kind of person you should be giving a beer to.

Who: Tuatara, New Zealand

What: Pale ale

Nose: Light fruits, hops, malts

Look: Golden clear

Taste: Bitter hops, citrus

Finish: Bitter hops

Form Tried: 330ml bottle

Official page


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