Beer Review: Kererū Imperial AT-AT Pilsner


I can’t believe I dropped this ball on this one. I had the review all lined up for May the 4th and then I forgot completely… oh well better late than never I guess.

A Star Wars themed beer immediately gets my attention simply for the fact it is Star Wars themed. This is an Imperial Pilsner with a whopping 10.2% alcohol value, which is as serious as the Death Star. Before I get on to the beer itself, the label is worth mentioning which uses the class Star Wars font in gold, a reflective silver for stars, a description that matches a Star Wars title sequence, and a glossy Kererū to match. I appreciate the effort to go with the theme. Anyway, onto the beer itself, which is the 2016 vintage.

The nose is subtly fruity with a sweet note to it, which is likely a result of the high alcohol content. The taste is full, it feels thick, and is rich with bitter hops. This continues on to the finish which is full, rich with bitter hops, and slightly sweet which again is likely that alcohol coming through.

I haven’t had the best of experiences with high alcohol pilsners in the past, so I was cautious when approaching this beer, despite the theme. Kererū’s take on this style is decent, walking a tight line between flavor and strength. I would like to try future vintages of it just to see how they compare. I liked it for the flavors and the experience, and can appreciate the flavors in it, but the general idea of a high alcohol pilsner isn’t my cup of tea so to speak, as I can find them a bit too much after awhile. In any case, this is worth a go and certainly lends itself well to a Star Wars movie marathon.

Who: Kererū Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Imperial Pilsner

Nose: Sweet fruits

Look: Clear dark gold

Taste: Full, bitter hops

Finish: Bitter hops, sweet alcohol

Form Tried: 330ml bottle

Official page



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