Beer Review: Garage Project Beyond the Pale – Fringe Fruit Edition


With a name like Beyond the Pale you know the beer is going to be a bit odd. It is so odd to the point that I don’t know what to call it. It could be a fruit/vegetable beer, but it equally could be any other range of potential sour beers. Perhaps it is better left unknown. In any case, it wasn’t as bad as a beer brewed with cucumber, mint, and limes may sound at first.

The nose is sour, that is the main thing to take away from it. There is a note of cucumber or pickle there too, but mainly just sourness. This pretty much sums up the rest of the beer. The taste is the same and so is the finish. The sourness does lighten up at the end, but is still very much there. I liken it to drinking a beer-ier pickle water, which isn’t a bad thing. I couldn’t pick up on the mint or limes, I was mainly preoccupied with the sour nature of it. They could be there though in the refreshing nature of the nose and taste, their flavors masked by the sourness..

I had this beer on tap a few months before I tired the bottle and quite liked it. It was refreshing, different, and stood out from other beers. The bottle form may be an example of too much of a good thing, and I found it hard to get through it all myself. Certainly nice, but in moderation.

Who: Garage Project, New Zealand

What: Sour beer

Nose: Sour, cucumber/pickle

Look: Light cloudy yellow

Taste: Sour, cucumber, pickle

Finish: Slightly sour, cucumber

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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