Beer Review: Epic Eric the Red

IMG_0304_cropIt’s red ale season in New Zealand and I have been enjoying the range of different Red Ales that have hit the shelves. This is the latest release by Epic, Eric the Red, a red IPA. The bottle is the standard Epic form. The logo is changed to say “Eric” instead of “Epic”, and there is a Viking Longship in the shield above the logo, all nice touches to the theme. No little symbols under the description this time though.

Immediately the nose is rich with hops and malts. The taste is thick creamy hops that give way slowly to rich malts. On the finish there is a bitter hop taste that is reminiscent of the Hop Zombie, but also a thick malty taste that sticks on the pallet. There may be some citrus notes in there as well. The hops are nowhere near as strong as those in the Hop Zombie, but are still pretty strong. Epic do hops really well.

Eric the Red is set to become one of the classic Epic beers. The taste is brilliant and right now it blows some of the other Red IPA style beers out of the water being big in flavor with a go hard or go home attitude, making it fitting of the name Eric the Red.

Who: Epic Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Red IPA

Nose: Hops, malts

Look: Clear dark amber

Taste: Hops, citrus

Finish: Bitter hops, thick malts

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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