Beer Review: Monteith’s RIPA Red IPA

IMG_0292_cropThis is another in the Monteith’s brewer’s series, the Red IPA (RIPA) which combines the two styles. The nose has notes of toasted malts and hops, but it relatively quite light. The taste is again malts and hops, and is quite light and crisp. On the finish the flavor is that of bitter hops which linger for awhile, but are otherwise light.

So far as flavor goes this beer is has it, but it isn’t as bold as it could be. The malts and the hops that make up the flavor are consistent throughout, but on the whole this beer is quite easy drinking as it doesn’t have a rich texture. This is a timely release by Monteith’s and it is a decent easy drinking Red Ale. The IPA twist on it is a decent addition, but there are better Red IPAs on the market right now.

As an interesting note, usually the Brewer’s Series goes through a 500ml form when it is first introduced, which is produced from the Greymouth brewery. Once a Brewer’s Series has done well enough they make it permanent and shift it to a 330ml bottle, which is brewed at the DB Brewery in Timaru or Auckland. The bottle will still say Greymouth, as all Monteith’s beers and ciders do, but this is largely just a mask. The fact that Moneteith’s, or rather DB, have gone straight to a 330ml bottle for mass production without the trial run (unless they did the RIPA last year, but I don’t remember it) shows that they have attempted to make a catchy mixed style beer that will appeal to the craft and main markets. This is not necessarily a bad thing and the beer is alright, and I’m sure the master brewers out of Greymouth had creative input, but I don’t like the divergence from the Brewer’s Series tradition.

Who: Monteith’s Brewing Company, subsidiary of DB Breweries, New Zealand

What: Red Ale

Nose: Toasted malts, hops

Look: Clear amber

Taste: Malts, hops

Finish: Bitter, hops

Form Tried: 330ml bottle

Official page


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