Beer Review: Bach Brewing Duskrider Red IPA

IMG_0314_cropThis is yet another red ale, I seem to be doing a lot of those recently. Let’s call it an Autumn thing. This beer is by Bach Brewing, and is brewed out of the Steam Brewing Company in Auckland. The label has some cool artwork on it which makes it stand out on the shelves as the logo is a relatively small part of it, but somehow you can still tell it is a Bach Brewing beer when you see it. Mainly because it has some kind of remote setting on it with a small bach and beach and basically reminds you of somewhere you are jealous you are not. The weather and minor details of the picture change depending on the style of the beer, in this case it is sunset, which is obviously what it should be.

Now about the beer. The nose has notes of citrus and has a strong hop smell to it. The taste is a wonderfully creamy bitter hop taste that gives the beer a very full body. The finish is light with a slightly earthy taste to it which is the malts coming through, but leaves a lingering pleasant taste of bitter hops. These flavors place the beer more on the IPA side of the red IPA style, and the malts in there at the end but the dominant taste is the hops. The creamy texture gives it an almost American Pale Ale taste to it.

If you like APAs then this is a red ale for you. Hops are present all the way through and the creamy nature of the taste really gives it that distinct taste of an APA. Having said that the malts are there in a minor capacity, perhaps a bit weaker than you would expect in a red ale, but this beer does its own thing and it does it well.

Who: Bach Brewing, New Zealand

What: Red Ale

Nose: Citrus, hops

Look: Clear amber

Taste: Creamy, bitter hops

Finish: Light, earthy, bitter hops

Form tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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