Beer Review: BrewDog 5am Saint

IMG_0309_cropContinuing with the Red ale theme of the month, this beer is from BrewDog and is known as the 5am Saint or the 5am Red Ale. It contains five different hops and five different malts, giving it a “bitter sweet chaos” as the bottle says. Well this is certainly true, and there are a lot of competing flavors in this beer giving it a rich flavor. Before I get to the beer, a small note about the bottle. The actual glass is your standard bottle, but the label is an un-glossed paper with a slight relief for the text and images in black. Subtle but cool.

On to the beer. To start, the nose has notes of fruits and hops, and perhaps some citrus in there as well. The taste is a complex mix of slightly bitter hops and a distinctive taste of malts and what may be barley. There is a strong earthy taste in the beer which gives a dense nature to the flavors, but the overall texture of the beer is comparatively light. This is an interesting combination of flavors on the palette. On the finish the beer is bitter with malts and again with the earthy taste that was in the flavor.

Overall this is a good red ale. It doesn’t try to mix different styles together but instead incorporates a wide range of flavors into the red ale style. There is a lot going on in this beer, so much that it is hard to tease out all the different flavors that are hiding in it. Having said that some flavors do stand out such as the subtle fruits on the nose and the strong earthy nature of the taste. As far as red ales go, this certainly is chaos.

Who: BrewDog PLC, Scotland

What: Red ale

Nose: Fruits, hops

Look: Clear dark amber

Taste: Hops, malts, earthy

Finish: Bitter, malts, earthy

Official page


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