Beer Review: Tuatara Copperhead



Yet another red beer, I think this is the last one in the fridge. This is Tuatara’s Autumnal Red Rye. From my previous experiences with Rye Beers I have found them a bit hit and miss, but this one wasn’t too bad. Before I get onto the beer I would like to comment on the bottle and label. The bottle is Tuatara’s award-winning design as usual. The label is a copper color which almost gives it a metallic look to it, the color pallet on it is a bit different, it definitely catches the eye.

The beer itself is a bit darker than the label, with a fleeting but creamy head. The nose is rich with a strong presence of malts and hops. This carries through to the body which is rich with fruits, malts, and the taste that I am associating with rye. To finish the beer is smooth and malty, and every so slightly bitter.

There is definitely a different taste to this beer, which is present throughout, and which I can only attribute to the rye in the beer. I’m pretty confident of this, but I couldn’t say that I know what rye tastes like on its own. This is a thick beer, not as thick as a dubbel or a stout, but still rich with flavor that will warm you up a bit on a mild evening.

Who: Tuatara, New Zealand

What: Rye Beer

Nose: Malt, hops

Look: Clear red-brown

Taste: Thick malts, rich fruits

Finish: Malts, slightly bitter, spices

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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