Beer Review: Moa Sour Grapes (2014)

IMG_0281_cropPart of Moa’s 2014 sour series this beer is in the Belgian Lambic style. Made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes and barrel conditioned, the flavors in this beer are well developed. It is nice to see Moa doing barrel aged beers and incorporating grapes, given that they are based in the Marlborough wine country.

The name about says it all with this beer, it really is what you see is what you get. The nose is distinctly sour but also has a strong note of grapes, being based on grape juice as a comparison. The taste is crisp and again sour with a grape flavor, but also a bitter note too. There is also a herb-like flavor in there as well which gives it another element. At the finish the grape flavor disappears to leave just a sour bitter aftertaste.

To me it almost taste more like a grape cider with a sour note in that the body was quite light, which when cold makes this beer very refreshing. In terms of sourness I wouldn’t say it is up there with the most sour beers you can get in that it won’t have your lips retreating, but at the same time the sour flavor is definitely there and defines the flavor. The flavors are well developed in the beer and there are a number of different ones there if you look for them. Worth a go if you have the chance.

Who: Moa Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Lambic

Nose: Sour grapes

Look: Clear light cloud, cloudy light gold with sediment

Taste: Crisp, sour grapes, bitter, herbs

Finish: Sour, bitter

Form Tried: 375ml bottle

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