Beer Review: Galbraith’s Santana Double American Pale Ale

IMG_0229_cropPart of Galbraith’s Origin Series this beer is a quite strong double APA. At 3.0 standard drinks in a 500ml this beer was probably a bit strong for a Thursday night, but then again, 7.5% isn’t that much compared to some of the others in the fridge. With that in mind let’s get to it.

The nose of this beer is hoppy and sweet, with notes of fruits and I got a bit of lychee in there too. The taste this thick, dry, sweet with fruits and alcohol, but bitter with hops. The texture is almost creamy in its taste, as is typical of APAs. To finish it is quite dry, again sweet with alcohol but bitter with hops, and a smoky note at the end.

I liked this beer. It had a good combination of flavors throughout, and the ending really was dry, but also with some flavor in it too. The flavors a bold and in your face from the moment you crack the lid on the bottle. The Origin Series markets itself as “Fine traditional ales” and this certainly fits that bill.

Who: Galbraith’s Brewing Co., New Zealand

What: American Pale Ale

Nose: Hops, fruit, lychees

Look: Clear dark gold

Taste: Thick, dry, hops, bitter

Finish: Dry, smoky

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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