Beer Review: Tuatara Conehead Air-Hopped IPA 2016 Harvest

IMG_0349_cropThis is an air-hopped beer from Tuatara, who had a plane deliver the hops so that they were as fresh as possible, that’s dedication. They also did it for the 2015 edition, and I’m glad to see this back for another year. This is a very hoppy beer. When you pour it, it comes out it looks thick. It isn’t of course, but the color and the thick head gives it a dense feeling.

The nose is hoppy with a very subtle note of fruits and a bit of caramel as well. I am not sure where the caramel note is coming from though. The taste is bitter with hops and that defines the finish as well. Overall this is a hoppy, bitter beer, but it isn’t so bitter that it is unpleasant, more that the hops are not sweet as they sometimes can be.

For an American Pale Ale I didn’t get that smoothness with the hoppy flavor that often goes with beers of the style. Instead it was a full on hop flavor that was bitter, but didn’t stick around for long and had more of an aerated texture. This is a different type of APA than I am used to, but it is really good and has a fresh taste to it. In a nutshell this is a really nice beer, let’s hope we see another edition of it in 2017 and beyond.

Who: Tuatara, New Zealand

What: American Pale Ale

Nose: Hops, caramel, fruits

Look: Clear gold

Taste: Bitter hops

Finish: Bitter hops

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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