Beer Review: Coronado Brewing Company Islander IPA


This is one of the main beers produced by Coronado Brewing Company from California, and it is imported into New Zealand by Beer Without Borders. The bottle is a generous 650ml, which is never a bad thing. The Islander IPA is made with a tropical setting in mind, and the flavors evoke it nicely.

The nose is rich with citrus and tropical notes, but in particular there is a strong smell of pineapple. The taste is a bit bitter with a pineapple taste, but also a slight sweetness as well. The finish is dry with a slightly bitter taste, and again with a sweetness there as well.

This is an IPA that has some strong flavors, but without the thick and creamy taste of hops that sometimes accompanies slightly stronger beers of the style. The strong pineapple presence in the flavor is reminiscent of a tropical setting that the beer hopes to evoke, which is nice on a cold winters night.

Who: Coronado Brewing Company, USA

What: IPA

Nose: Citrus, tropical, pineapple

Look: Clear gold

Taste: Bitter hops, sweet, pineapple

Finish: Dry, bitter hops, sweet

Form Tried: 650ml bottle

Official page


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