Beer Review: Kererū Imperial Nibs

IMG_0353_cropThis beer has one a bunch of awards over the last few years, but I had yet to try it. Not for any particular reason, I just hadn’t gotten around to it. It is an Imperial Porter infused with cacao, vanilla, and coconut, so I anticipate something on the sweeter side.The cacao nibs are from the Wellington Chocolate Factory, who make really good chocolate. Beer and chocolate are always a good mix.

The nose is rich with chocolate and coconut, which also give it a distinctly sweet note. It pours quick thick but has a clear black body, with a thick head that dissipates quickly. The taste is sweet with malts and notes of chocolate and coconut. The finish is definitely malty and a bit of what tastes like burnt toffee, which gives it quite a different finish than how it starts.

The sweetness is probably the vanilla, but there is also golden syrup in the mix so that would be contributing to it as well. Overall the taste is quite sweet, but the finish is a bit darker and a bit bitter. I think that the finish is needed, as without it the overall taste would be almost too sweet. The flavors certainly warms you up, or gives that illusion, which is perfect for a cold evening. It certainly earns the awards it has received.

Who: Kererū Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Imperial Porter

Nose: Chocolate, sweet, coconut

Look: Clear black

Taste: Sweet malts, chocolate, coconut

Finish: Malts, burnt toffee

Form tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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