Beer Review: Epic Stone Hammer

IMG_0361_cropAnother in the Stone Hammer series by Epic, the other being the Thunder, Epic are going hard or going home with this one. Everything about this beer feels Epic, aside from the word Epic written on it, but the name the feel and the general character of the beer. Also it has been suggested that this one may dethrone the Hop Zombie, a big claim indeed. First off though, a quick note about the label. The label has a shiny metallic look that gives it a holographic feel, giving it the effect of raised relief in stone. On the side is a homage to Thor and Mjolnir, saying that only the brave and worthy may wield this Stone Hammer. I’m not sure if I’m worthy, but I could only put the hammer down once it was finished.

Being an IPA by Epic this has all the pieces, mainly being lots and lots of hops with a smooth taste. The nose is hoppy, very hoppy, I can smell that from across the room hoppy. It also has citrus and tropical notes, maybe even pineapple and mango in the tropical notes. The taste is smooth, sweet hops, again with the citrus and tropical notes. The finish is fleeting, but has a slightly bitter taste to it just to shake things up.

The flavors remind me of the Hop Zombie and I can see why they are compared/pitted against each other. Overall I really like the Stone Hammer, it is a bit more tamed than the Hop Zombie in flavor, a bit smoother, a bit easier to drink as an easy drinking strong IPA. I’ll be getting this beer again, and am looking forward to what will hopefully be more beers in the series. Mainly for the beer, but also because there are some awesome names that the beers could be called: Valhalla anyone?

Who: Epic Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: IPA

Nose: Hops, citrus, tropical

Look: Clear gold

Taste: Sweet hops, citrus, tropical

Finish: Slightly bitter hops

Form tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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