Beer Review: Moinette Brune

IMG_0248_cropOut of the Dupont brewery, the Moinette Brune is a fine example of the style. Four different malts are used in the brewing of this beer that give it a rich palette of flavors. Brunes tend to be some of my favorite beers, so I had high hopes for this beer.

The nose is very subtly that rich fruit flavor with rasins that can occur in Brunes and Dubbels, and also with a subtle smell of alcohol. What stands out on the nose is chocolate, which is unmistakable once you smell it. This continues on to define the taste of the beer, the fruits are subtly in the background, along with malts, but the chocolate the dominant flavor. The finish is chocolate again but with a faint taste of coffee giving it a fleeting bitterness.

I had always looked for the chocolate taste in beers which so many others claimed to have smelt or tasted in rich stouts or other Belgian ales, but never been able to find it. This was the first beer in which it was obvious to me that those where the flavors coming out. I really liked it for that reason. As far as Brunes go it wasn’t bad, the chocolate taste made it special but the texture and other mix of flavors are done better but other versions of the style.

Who: Brasserie Dupont, Belgium

What: Brune

Nose: Rasin, alcohol, chocolate, rich fruits

Look: Cloudy brown

Taste: Chocolate, rich fruits, malts

Finish: Coffee, chocolate

Form Tried: 300ml

Official page


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