Beer Review: Bannockburn Brewing Co. Killarabbit

IMG_0287_cropThis is the only beer produced by the Bannockburn Brewing Company out of Central Otago. A double IPA with 100 IBU so you know it is going to be a bit bitter, it is also unfiltered meaning that it has all that thick body goodness. To add to that it is barrel fermented in Pinot Noir barrels and bottled conditioned. In other words, from this description I was expecting this to be a pretty intense beer.

On the nose there are tropical and citrus notes with a a strong hop presence. The taste is thick, again with citrus and hops and a malty texture. To finish the beer is very smooth, but thick and hoppy, with a strong bitterness. Everything a double IPA should be.

I am a fan of unfiltered beers. They add to the flavor and and just overall make for an enjoyable and full-bodied drinking experience. The flavors here are thick and the taste is full, which is what I enjoy about unfiltered beers. Having said that, while the flavor is strong and the bitterness is relatively high, it is a quite drinkable beer, finding a balance between the strength, bitterness, and flavor. As I said at the start, this is the only beer that the Bannockburn Brewing Company have made, let’s hope that’s only so far.

Who: Bannockburn Brewing Co., New Zealand

What: Double IPA

Nose: Tropical, citrus, hops

Look: Cloudy gold

Taste: Thick, citrus, malts, hops

Finish: Bitter, thick, hops

Form Tried: 330ml bottle

Official page


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