Beer Review: Monteith’s Imperial Pilsner

IMG_0221_cropThis is one of Monteith’s Brewers Series, taking on the Imperial Pilsner. What that basically means is a pilsner on steroids, the flavors are stronger and the alcohol is slightly higher. Occasionally an Imperial Pilsner can be far too strong for the flavors it provides, making it generally unpleasant, so I am always a bit tentative with them.

The nose is quite malty with notes of hops, this continues through to the taste but with a slight bitterness there as well. The finish is dry with sweet malts with bitter hops. The bitterness lingers for a bit as well. This fits the profile of an Imperial Pilsner perfectly, strong flavors throughout with a higher than average bitterness for the flavor and a slight sweetness to the malts. The malts really make this beer.

If you are used to stronger flavored beers then the flavors here won’t leave you staggered, but for a pilsner they definitely stand out, enough to offset the ABV. An Imperial Pilsner can very easily be a bit too much, however, this is a very drinkable beer and the flavors are nice and well balanced and, overall, it is pleasant to drink. I can’t say it has made me run out and buy more or not be tentative about Imperial Pilsners in general, but it wasn’t bad as far as they go.

Who: Monteith’s Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Pilsner

Nose: Malts, hops

Look: Clear light gold

Taste: Malts, bitter hops

Finish: Sweet malts, bitter hops, dry

Form Tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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