Beer Review: Mount Brewing Company Mount Manuka Hussy


This Golden Ale by the Mount Brewing Company is infused with Manuka, which sounds pretty cool. I was quite excited to try this beer because I like Manuka honey, so having it in a beer is a brilliant concept, to me at least.

The nose is full of honey with a touch of that yeasty/malty smell that occurs usually in Belgian beers. The taste is smooth and dominated by honey, and the finish is the same. Usually when you see beers like this you expect a subtle note of the advertised flavor, but this one puts the Manuka right in your face.

I didn’t expect the flavor to be as strong as it was, but was pleasantly surprised by it. The flavors are fantastic and it suits the Golden Ale style well, I don’t think it would really work with any other style of beer, although I am ready to be proven wrong. If you like Manuka then this beer is for you, and with all the healthy properties of Manuka, that technically makes this beer a health food.

Who: Mount Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Golden ale

Nose: Honey, Belgian

Look: Cloudy gold

Taste: Smooth honey, Belgian

Finish: Smooth honey

Form Tried: 1l bottle

Official page


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