Beer Review: Moa Festive IPA Belgian Edition (2016)

IMG_0017_cropThis limited release from Moa Brewing Company is the Winter 2016 edition of their Festive IPA series. Like last year this is an IPA in a Belgian style. This particular beer was a bit difficult to get hold of, as it sold out before I could get a bottle, but I eventually got one of the second batch from the cellar door. This is also one of the first beers to get the new label from Moa, which looks more fancy (regal?) than their old labels, which were good in their own right. These new labels are rolling out across the range from now.

On the nose this beer is hoppy with the distinct smell of malts and Belgian yeasts, which largely defines the taste as well. The taste has a slight bitterness to it as well which I think is coming from the hops. To finish the taste is full of that Belgian yeast flavor, which personally I really like.

Overall this is a decent beer which is full of flavors that are distinct in Belgian beers. The flavors are strong, but not too strong, and from memory the 2015 edition was a bit fuller in flavor. In any case this is a great easy drinking beer and its popularity speaks to that. Give it a go if you come across it, I certainly am going to grab some more for the future.

Who: Moa Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Belgian IPA

Nose: Hops, malts, Belgian yeast

Look: Clear gold

Taste: Slightly bitter hops, Belgian yeast

Finish: Belgian yeast

Form tried: 500ml bottle

Official page


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