Beer Review: Rogue Farms Honey Kölsch

IMG_0020_cropThis is a beer made from honey from bees that were kept right next to the hop fields that Rogue Farms use for their beer. Honey beers are a particular treat to have to me and a kölsch seems like a logical placement for the flavor. This is imported to New Zealand by Beer Without Borders and is simply glorious. I tired one bottle some months back and managed to get the last one at the store which drew a few jealous comments from the staff where I got it from.

The flavors in this beer a great, but subtle. The nose is slightly sour as a kölsch usually is and there are slight notes of fruits in there as well. The honey flavor comes out subtly in the taste which is also slightly bitter, but also with a slight sweetness to it. The overall texture is quite light as well. The finish is again slightly bitter with the honey sticking around too.

Rouge pride themselves on well flavored beers and they have certainly one a great job with this one. The flavors are subtle but make for an overall pleasant drink. The honey flavors are throughout the beer but not in your face to the point that you find it overwhelming, and the slight sourness of the kölsch really balance it too. Well worth it if you see this beer around, the bottles are large so they can be shared if you want, or you could grab a couple because you won’t want to share.

Who: Rouge Ales and Spirits, USA

What: Kölsch

Nose: Sour, fruity

Look: Clear light gold

Taste: Light, honey, slightly bitter, slightly sweet

Finish: Slightly bitter, honey

Form tried: 750ml bottle

Official page


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